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I Might Get Replaced By Moira Stuart

He's won the most coveted role on TV, so the prospect of playing Doctor Who must be making David Tennant feel elated, excited and over the moon...?
"I'm absolutely terrified!" admits David, who will also star in the Nicci French thriller, Secret Smile on ITV later this year. "It's so daunting, the amount of attention it gets, the amount of expectation it has. And the fact that Christopher Eccleston has been so bloody good at it ir really annoying from my point of view, becaquse now I have to equal that!"
Although David's been rarely off our screens in the past year, thanks to Blackpool and Casanova, he's been taken aback by the media storm his latest role has attracted.
"It's unlike anything I've experienced before," he says. "All I did was get a job, and suddenly it was on the news!"
The BBC has announced that there are already plans for a third series of Doctor Who, but will David be involved?
"I will wait and see what happens," he says. "The BBC might sack me - I might get replaced by Moira Stuart. Who Knows?".