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Boys On Top

Company magazine callously kicks the girlies' favourite Ewan McGregor out of bed with its new edition out today, and invites us to turn our attentions to the new breed of Celtic actor pin-up material. Top of the list, and certainly looking very fetching in his kilt (extra-long; we suspect he may not have top-class legs, the poor wee mite) is Joe McFadden. Lesser known are Dugald Bruce-Lockhart, Cal Macaninch, and David Tennant, who have all done a bit of this and that, mostly on telly.

Amazingly, it appears only Macaninch has been in Taggart, the one-time nursery slopes of the ski resort that is the Scottish acting profession. The times they are a-changing indeed. Company also tries its very best to dish the dirt, but it seems the new breed are irksomely clean living as well.

There's our Joe, who likes nothing better than cooking for his girlfriend Kirsty, or Bruce-Lockhart proposing to his girlfriend on the night they met, or any number of Welsh or Irish thesps talking about "mutual respect, fun and affection rather than looks" or shutting their eyes when their actress girlfriends do sex scenes.

Credits: TV: Rab C. Nesbitt, Takin' Over The Asylum, Strathblair.
Next up: TV: Duck Patrol.
David is a cop in new series Duck Patrol, with Richard Wilson. He says: "My character is in love with Samantha Beckinsale's, but she isn't in love with him."