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Who's A Busy Boy?

David has been speaking to the TV Times about the new series of Doctor Who and revealed that in the first episode, Smith and Jones, the Doctor and Martha will meet an alien known as the Judoon.
'The Judoon are pretty extraordinary, they're sort of intergalactic stormtroopers who take Martha and I to the moon,' says David.
'It's just part of the madness and brilliance of doing this show that it seems to keep bettering itself everytime.'
David is also excited about all the guest stars who'll be turning up when the series returns in March.
'We've got Dinnerladies star Anne Reod and Roy Marsden, best known for playing Commander Adam Dalgliesh, appearing in episode one,' he reveals.
'Dean Lennox Kelly is in episode two, Ardal O'Hanlon in episode three and Mark Gatiss in episode six - they just keep coming.'
Speaking on rumours that he is set to quit the show after this series David said 'You shouldn't believe evrything you read in the papers.'

What to watch out for in the new series:

  • Martha Jones - The Doctor runs into medical student Martha at a hospital. 'She's a very different character to Rose.' says David.
  • A new blue suit - The Doctor has a change of clothes. 'It's an altenative suit, but that doesn't mean that we've lost the old one'. smiles David.
  • Shakespeare - In episode two, the Time Lord and Martha go back in time to meet William Shakespeare in the original Globe Theatre!
  • Art Deco Daleks - Episodes four and five will see the Doctor and Martha clas with the dreaded Daleks when they travel to 1930's New York.
  • A Youthful surprise - Episode six see Mark Gatiss guest as the famous Dr Lazarus, who claims to have invented a fountain of youth.
Source: TV Times Feb 2007