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Tennant Takes On Scientist

DR WHO star David Tennant materialised in Cambridge to film his latest production.

His greatest enemy, the Daleks, were nowhere to be seen, but another foe, the British weather, had to be fought off with an umbrella.

Famous for his role as the Time Lord, Tennant has come down to earth to play the Cambridge scientist Sir Arthur Eddington.

Fans of the actor were out in force outside Cambridge University's Senate House in King's Parade yesterday (Thursday, 10 May) to catch a glimpse of him.

Dressed in a brown tweed suit and brown shoes, Tennant endured the drizzling rain to film a few scenes outside the historic building.

The production team, who also made the 2004 biopic Hawking, are busy in the city again today (Friday, 11 May) filming more scenes for Einstein and Eddington.

The film is a collaboration between the BBC and America's HBO films, and will also star Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings films, as Einstein.

Eddington is the Cambridge scientist who introduced Einstein's theory of general relativity to the wider world.

Born in Kendal in 1882, Eddington was one of the most prominent astrophysicists in the first decades of the 20th Century and the first scientist who understood Einstein's ideas on relativity.

The two men kept up a regular correspondence during the First World War.

The conflict meant no new developments in German science were being made widely available. But a 1920 proof of Enstein's theory by Eddington introduced the idea of general relativity to the world. Eddington worked in Cambridge's famous Cavendish Laboratory after graduating from Trinity College in 1905.

Eddington died in Cambridge in November 1944, aged 61.
Source: Cambridge Evening New (11 May 2007)