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Newsround Q&A

The tenth Doctor, David Tennant, chats to Newsround about the highlights of the new series. And he reveals the bits that will scare your socks off!
David Tennant
So David, the pressure's really on you to deliver isn't it?
Thanks for that. I was feeling quite calm until you said that! I suppose it is - but what can you do? We've done our best and produced - I think - a fantastic series. And we just want to get it out there and hope people will enjoy it like they did the last time.
What are the exciting things you get to do in this series?
Oh what don't I get to do? I get to abseil down a cliff, I get to ride a horse, I get to ride a motorbike, I get to play a woman, I get to meet Peter Kay. It's been pretty varied. In the first episode, without giving too much away, we see you acting as somebody else.
What was that like?
It was interesting, it was good fun. I'm not the only person who has to do it. It's difficult, because I don't want to give away the plot! We all got together in a huddle and compared notes - but hopefully you'll find the finished result entertaining and, er, illuminating!
How scary was the werewolf stuff in episode two?
The werewolf is proper, proper scary. When you're filming these thigs a lot of the special effects are added in later so you have to do a lot of being scared to thin air, but that's part of the joy of being in Doctor Who. But when you see the finished episode it'll spook your socks off!
We had the return of the Daleks in the last series, what are the Cybermen going to be like in this one?
Well the Cybermen are from Doctor Who's past. If your mum and dad watched the old series they can tell you about the Cybermen. They've been around since the 60s so they are a real iconic Doctor Who monster. After the Daleks the are probably THE Doctor Who monster. It's fantastic to be on set and be surrounded by 10 of them - and they're all tall and big and muscly and truly intimidating.
What's it like being in something like Doctor Who, something that's part of British heritage?
It's a bit surreal when you think of it that way. You have to get your head down and get on with it. The show's been around since 1963 (it's older than me!) and you just have to not worry about that really. If you think about that too much it's so daunting you wouldn't get up for work in the morning.