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Press Pack Report


Press Packer Calum got to meet the most famous monster-fighting doctor in the world - Doctor Who!

He won our Press Pack competition to interview the stars of the show and report from the premiere screening of the Christmas episode, The Christmas Invasion.

In his report Calum tells us what he thought of the brand new Doctor and gives us a few hints about the Christmas episode (apparently Santa might be a bit scarier than you thought!)

"I've just got back from the premiere screening of the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, The Christmas Invasion.

It was screened in London for the cast and press and, as a Newsround Press Packer, I got to see the Christmas special first with all the other journalists.

Meeting the Doctor

David Tennant is the 10th Doctor Who and I got to meet and interview him!

He gets regenerated in this episode and it looks as if he could be the best ever.

There are lots of surprises and loads of special effects, which make it a great programme. Evil Santas land on earth and try to take over.

I won't say too much more because you will have to watch it on Christmas Day to see whether the Doctor saves everybody!

Quizzing the cast

I asked David loads of questions, like which monsters in Doctor Who he thinks are the scariest and what point in time he would go to in his Tardis, which stumped him a bit!

Meeting the new Doctor was the best bit as he was really nice to talk to.

Monster gossip

Noel Clarke (who plays Mickey) and Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler) also gave me interviews and they were great, telling me their favourite monsters in the series.

Billie Piper was also there and so was Russell T Davies. He wrote the Christmas episode and loads of the earlier series.

Everyone seemed really nice and they were all excited about the new series, and from the clips I saw I can see why!

The whole day was brilliant and I can't wait to see the new shows."

Calum, 12, Staffordshire