CBBC Star Chat with David Tennant  | 17.08.2005
What do you do between takes?
OOH, it depends on the scene...sometimes you have a cup of tea with others you are rehearsing with. I eat a lot. They have table with food that you graze on.
What sort of books and TV programmes did you like when you were little? Did you like Doctor Who?
I did watch it. I used to get the annual and everything I remember I read the Famous Five for a while. I liked Blake Seven also, but you wont remember that.
What is your favourite Doctor Who monster?
My favourite is the Sycorax.

Christopher Eccleston played the doctor with a northern accent, why did you decide against using your accent for the doctor?
You’ll find out at Christmas, listen carefully.
Is your outfit you wear for Doctor Who anything like your normal clothes?
My shoes are my own shoes because we wanted some old and battered, but we really wanted to get a pair of genuine battered shoes, so they are my own. I do have a pinstriped suit too.
Why do you think you were chosen to play the doctor?
You will have to ask them why! The producers that is!
What other actor who played Doctor Who did you take inspiration from to play your own Doctor?
All of them and none of them. I don’t think you can set out to copy people, you have to do it your own way I have seen what they do, and I admire them all...I’m scared by the monsters..
If you could keep a companion from the original series to join the TARDIS crew, who would it be?
The one I most fondly remember was Elizabeth Sladen...she was the Rose of her day!
What would you do if you weren’t acting?
If I wasn’t doing acting, I wouldn’t be doing anything else.

Did you always really want to play the doctor?
How can I not do this it is a great is surreal.
We are only just into is all really surreal at the moment, I don’t want to tell you.
If you had a time machine where would you go?
I’d go back to the actual opening night of a Will Shakespeare play, I’d get him to sign an original copy of his scripts then come back and sell them on eBay. I’d make a fortune.
What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened on set?
I have fallen over a fair forget your lines. Nothing too appauling. We have nine months of this space.
Would you like to do a story with Sylvester so both Scottish doctors can appear in the same story?
That would be strange to have two generations facing each other.
What was your first day on set like?
My first day was great...a bit scary. Everything evolves as you go. You are making decisions and it develops as you go. Once you get on the floor, lots happens.
Who is you best friend in the cast or crew?
I am saying nothing. I don’t know. They are all lovely.
When did you start acting?
Not really till I went to drama school. NO! That’s not true! When I was 16 I did an episode of Dramarama on Scottish TV.
Did you have any actor heros?
Lots. Tom Baker, I grew up loving his performance. Lots of fantastic actors.
What has been the highlight so far, watching Doctor Who?
What a great job, you get to say the best lines. All of it.
Which doctor’s fashion sense do you like the best?
Mine! No, they have all been good. Mine is the best.
Thanks for coming along! I loved speaking to you all!
Many thanks to Lydia for typing up the transcript for us.

If you missed the live chat, David answered lots of your questions during rehearsals too, read what he had to say:

Could you give me some tips on getting started as an actor?
(From: Mimi, age 11) 
I think lots of actors get into it the business in different ways. For me, I went to normal school and then I went to drama school, so there is no big rule about how to become an actor.

What do you like best about starring in 'Doctor Who'?
(From: Imogen, age 10, Liskeard)
I've only just started really, so it's early days but it's all been great fun. I'm the new boy now so I'm just getting to know everybody. They've all been very welcoming so far.

Who is the character that you are enjoying working with the most?
(From: Charlotte, Port Talbot)
Well as I said it's early days but I'm having a great time with Billie Piper, she's the best assistant a doctor could ask for!

Can you tell us about some of the new villains that will be in the new series?
(From: Ben, age 10) 
Well, there are the Cybermen coming up later on who older viewers might remember from the series way back. In the Christmas special we've got a new race of villains to deal with too but that's all I'm saying...

If you were really the Doctor, would you be scared if you came face-to-face with the Daleks?
(From: Claire, age 11)
The Doctor is always scared but the bravest thing is not to show it. 

Are all of the monsters and aliens scary up close?
(From: Joshua, Belfast) 
Terrifying, yeah! Amazing! The special effects team and the prosthetics team do some amazing jobs.

What was your favourite scene to act in so far?
(From: Bob, age 7)
I don't want to give anything away about the plot, so you'll have to tune in to find out.

How long does it take to make an episode?
(From: Patrick, age 11) 
It takes between 3-4 weeks to film and then months of adding in special effects and sounds, so it's a long drawn out process but worth it.

Have you enjoyed being on Blue Peter?
(From: Alex, age 8) 
Yes, I've had a fantastic time. It's been a great day